FAQs for Clients

How do we start hiring?

--Once we receive $500 USD intial payment, we get started right away by first searching in our talent pool or qualify new engineers

How long will it take to get an Engineer started?

--Typically anywhere from 1-3 weeks. If the engineer is already in our talent pool, they can start within 1 weeks time. Otherwise, typically it takes a few days to find qualified candidates, 1 week interview and do coding tests, then another week for them to test in your work enviroment before they officially start with you.

What is the price offerings?

--Please refer to our pricing page on this.

Is it full time, part-time or project basis hiring?

--We offer full-time, or short term project needs. The price rates will vary based on this.

How much time notice do I need to give to off-board an engineer?

--We need 30 days or 4 weeks notice

Where do you find your engineers?

--We attend many local events as well as recruit from the best companies in the Philippines

What guarantees do clients receive?

--If the engineer doesn't suit your needs, we will replace the engineer with no additional costs

What tax deductions?

--We give you all the necessary documents for you to file your taxes

How many engineers can I hire?

--You can hire as many engineers as you see fit for your team and project

FAQs for Engineers

How do I apply for work?

--Send us your contact information and answer some simple questions and we will reach out to you right away to start interviewing and testing.

Do you provide me payment protection?

--Yes. We also fully screen and qualify our clients to assure all our engineers are paid on-time

Is there opportunties for career advancement?

--Yes. if you successfully work past each 1 year milestones, there are opportunities for advancements, bonuses and pay raises.

Are your pay plans competitive?

--Yes. We treat our engineers as part our family and we strive to offer you the best situation.

Do you provide health coverage?

--We aim to provide excellent compensation thereby empowering you to go and purchase the health coverage of your choice that will suit yours and your family's needs the best.