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About Us

ExpertCore is a "Boutique-style" software development agency owned and operated by Yao and Gio.

ExpertCore was started in 2014 by Yao and his brother Dalton when their close circle of contacts were frequently asking for app development help. They did this as a successful side business by working with remote engineering teams.

In 2016 Yao met Gio who has been living in the Philippines for over 6 years and is a Human Resources specialist.

The two clicked very well. Together they came up with the concept of the "Boutique-style" approach and decided to formally establish Expertcore with Hong Kong HQ and Dev Office in the Philippines.

Now with an official headquarters and development center in place, we are expanding ExpertCore to connect hand-selected engineers to clients in other countries such Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.


Technology Director

Hello, my name is Yao and I have been working in tech field for over 20 years in New York City, Hong Kong and Philippines. My mother was raised in the Manila area of Philippines and my grandfather started a college there as well. Because of this, I have a strong affection for the country of Philippines and understand the software engineering talent that exists there. I am passionate about working on IT and software development projects. I love being part of the process from planning, design, testing and final implementation. My primary role with Expertcore is to validate and test our engineer's skill levels so they can quickly engage on complex projects in your organization. I truly look forward to working with you on your important development needs!


HR Director

Hello, my name is Gio. I hail from Rome, Italy. After 9 years spent working all over Europe and China, I finally end up in the Philippines where i've been living for over 6 years. During this time I have developed a love and respect for the Philippine culture. It is amazing place to live and work! I have an extensive background in Hospitality and Human Resources. I am passionate for delivering the best client experiences where even the smallest details are covered. My primary role with ExpertCore is to assure the proper work culture fit and soft skills of our engineers to your organization. I look forward to working closely with you!

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Hong Kong HQ:

25th Floor, HK Commons - Workington Tower, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Metro Manila Dev office:

Sunette Tower, Suite 214, Durban St., 1210 Makati City, Philippines