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Our Story

We are brothers both born and raised in the New York City area. We also both graduated from NYU Stern School of Business. We have both been working in the tech industry since 1997.

Our mother's side of the family is from Manila, Philippines. Our grandfather founded the specialized CKS college in Manila in 1939 and he had the honor of meeting General Douglas MacArthur during the end of WW2.

One day, we had this idea of finding the best freelancer developers from overseas to reduce our costs for our software projects. We tried a few of the popular freelancing websites such as eLance and oDesk (now both Upwork) but the results were very subpar and disappointing. However, we still couldn’t ignore the business benefits of overseas technical help.

So, one of us flew out to the Philippines to develop the resources to service the other’s technology needs back in the NYC area. This time the results were quite different and exceeded our expectations. We had created a ‘high touch’ personalized system that became the key to our success.

We have always had this dream of going back to our family’s homeland to start a really cool business. Now we have a terrific service that we can provide to clients and have access to the best talent to value ratio in the world in the Philippine people.

ExpertCore was born.

What We Do

In a nutshell, we help individuals, organizations, and businesses build their Apps.

We are continuously and rigorously working on and improving processes and build our talent pool.

We do this by being heavily involved in the technical community in the Philippines and select those who we believe are the top 5% percent in skills: communication, business maturity and technical ability.

We offer our Experts to you in a full time, part time, or on-demand basis.

We only focus on Experts because we believe that only the best can get your design and development needs moving forward quickly.

How It Works

We curate your entire experience with our "high touch" system.

You send your contact info to connect with us.

We learn about your business and development needs.

We architect the solution.

We assemble the resources.

We maintain consistent communications so that everything is fluid.

Our offering is nearly risk free due to our guarantee.

Our Way

We believe that modern Apps are built by talented individuals and not slow moving large project teams.

We believe that modern Apps are built on the latest proven technologies.

When you work with us, you will be working with the most talented Experts.

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